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Nov 28th 2015. 
by: Julian Mooret -site staff

Caesar Garcia, best knows as PYROTEC in music circles, has released his latest EP on his own Conspiracy Lab Recordings label. 

A 6 track four song offering (two of the tracks are instrumental versions) which starts off with the adventurous 'A.I.1' featuring ANODICA lead vocalist Laura Amelia, who perfectly embodies an alien finding itself in a new planet and adapting to the experience. The song is a dark epic journey which nicely settles in to a deep breakbeat groove. 
The following song is 'ghost' a playful bounce beat with a vocoded hook by never recorded web troll Black Trump, who according to PYROTEC was so nervous about it, that he showed up drunk to the session and mostly speaking nonsense to the mic; which he (PYROTEC) later sampled in to the songs hook.
The third song in the offering is the aptly named 'what to do?' a drastic creative left turn which places us in a rock arrangement with PYROTEC singing the lead vocals on this epic rock/rap song.

The EP closes with 'coconut island' a downtempo chill groove that is both melodic and introspective. It features Frank Turner sampled on as  the lead vocals from his acoustic performance of the Counting Crows' song 'Anna begins'.  When asked what the song was about in a recent phone call PYROTEC said: "oh dang girl... you got me there... well... it's about a girl I knew a life time ago, who introduced me to the original counting crows song in a weird prophetic way, I guess the song is about that... about what that song has meant to me for 20 years. I guess the best way to describe it, is as a back cover to a book that began 21 years ago."  wow deep!

The next two tracks are instrumental versions of 'A.I.1' and 'what to do?' which round off the EP which PYROTEC produced along with writing and arranging most of it. This is definitely a strong step in the creative path Caesar as his friends call him has made for himself.      

<![CDATA[dat remix habit]]>Fri, 10 Jul 2015 03:06:53 GMThttp://pyrotecmusic.com/news--releases/dat-remix-habit Pyrotec continues his creative wave this summer, by releasing: dat remix habit.

 A 6 track remix collection which includes his remixes of Benny Goodman's swing classic: Sing Sing Sing! aptly titled Sing Louder; as well as  Janet Jackson's soulful 90's jewel Got til it's gone and Tupac's introverted classic: Dear mama.     
<![CDATA[Pyrotec delivers new DJ mix: Necessary Depth]]>Tue, 02 Jun 2015 10:17:02 GMThttp://pyrotecmusic.com/news--releases/pyrotec-delivers-new-dj-mix-necessary-depthPicture
Hot off his recent performances at the Do Lab stage at the 2015 Coachella Music and Arts Festival as well as the Do Lab's signature music festival Lightning in a Bottle, Pyrotec delivers a mix that is equal parts deep and funky showcasing his progressive mixing abilities. 

Full of deep grooves and familiar melodies, in this his newest mix Pyrotec takes us on a deep and tasteful journey where both darkness and light take equal parts in creating the listening experience. 

<![CDATA[PYROTEC Just Added to The Do Lab's Coachella stage Line up.]]>Fri, 10 Apr 2015 10:51:02 GMThttp://pyrotecmusic.com/news--releases/pyrotec-just-added-to-the-do-labs-coachella-stage-line-upPicture
In an 11th hour surprise, PYROTEC has been added to the Do Lab's Coachella Stage line up. PYROTEC is set to take the stage from 11:45am to 1:00pm on Friday April 10 kicking off weekend 1 of the world famous festival.

<![CDATA[possibility]]>Wed, 25 Mar 2015 19:15:47 GMThttp://pyrotecmusic.com/news--releases/possibilityOh the possibility of invisibility
oh the world captured in a smile
as deep blues and greens 
paint the world for miles

searching for stillness 
I found depth & charm
dreaming of eves at the farm... 
saving them from harm

my mind floods with possibility
and like a child i dream
lost in a moment and a few words
so close together yet apart by worlds

which is ok, I space travel
crush a few planets, turn them to gravel
building a runway.. 
thats how i travel

a glow reminiscent of the sun yet pure
those eyes reminiscent of the moon's allure
a depth calm like the ocean blue
a peace reminiscent of who created you. 

the sound of a foreign language well spoken
the silence of communication broken
a poet, a screen, feelings, thoughts and a muse
the birth of a planet now ready to use.

-Caesar Garcia]]>
<![CDATA[PYROTEC to release 'two nights on the radio']]>Tue, 03 Feb 2015 02:40:22 GMThttp://pyrotecmusic.com/news--releases/pyrotec-to-release-two-nights-on-the-radioPicture
On February 3rd 2015, PYROTEC will release 'two nights on the radio' which feature the live recordings from his two visits to the KXLU studios on January 19th & 24th. 
Side A. Focuses on the January 19th show which features an array of classical and jazz works as well as the 'I Have a Dream' speech by Dr. King set to music. 
While side B. Focuses on the January 24th DJ set performed in the KXLU studio which features many styles in the EDM spectrum. Many of Pyrotec's own remixes and originals appear thru the set. 

<![CDATA[Pyrotec returns to KXLU 88.9FM]]>Thu, 22 Jan 2015 08:34:07 GMThttp://pyrotecmusic.com/news--releases/pyrotec-returns-to-kxlu-889fmPicture

Pyrotec will return to KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles this Saturday January 24th 2015 11:55pm local time for another instalment of dance show favorite 'In a Dream' hosted by: Mystic Pete. There he will perform a Live DJ set comprised of originals and remixes as well as favorite tunes from the progressive spectrum.

From Paris via Florida DJ Rico will also stop by to play a set in the second hour. 

The night promises to be a high energy progressive evening highlighting the talents of these two artists currently signed to Parisian Labels.

<![CDATA[Caesar curates an hour of music on 88.9FM Los Angeles.]]>Tue, 20 Jan 2015 10:25:27 GMThttp://pyrotecmusic.com/news--releases/caesar-curates-an-hour-of-music-on-889fm-los-angelesMonday January 19th Caesar stopped by the KXLU studios and curated an hour of music based on early influences and music he loves and treasures. The set included works by Jazz legends such as: Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane & Billie Holiday as well as movie scores, classical works and spoken word works, as well of a couple of Caesar's very own compositions. a highlight of the set was the famous 'I have a Dream' speech by Dr. King mixed alongside the 'American Beauty' motion picture score and 'My Weakness' by composer Richard Hall (aka Moby). ]]><![CDATA[winter]]>Fri, 16 Jan 2015 07:49:55 GMThttp://pyrotecmusic.com/news--releases/winter"Snow can wait i forgot my mittens" 
I look online for entertainment, all i see is kittens.

winter is more than a season to me, it deepens my perspective and settles in a certain feeling of nostalgia and anxiety. As if knowing that half of the world is freezing as I try to reconcile my California sunshine with a much colder mood inside. It makes it difficult to create, this is where the things I will create in the summer are born. With these mood swings my creative self pulls source which then becomes my art, yet it's a bitch. A lingering blue accompanied by loneliness and melancholic melodies which pretty much are the only things that soothe. Everyday life hurts in winter, everyday interactions tare and choke like a dry cough that relentlessly tortures the passages. So I pull away and hide, sleep it off, get high, then repeat the same routine, I've learned how to deal with the many things I feel. 

Every year I find new ways to deal, to acknowledge the moment then heal, to learn to identify the signs and laugh, "have yourself a merry little Christmas"  dances thru my mind. 
The melancholy it gives always eases my mind
the soothing sound like sunshine to the blind
so I write and I create hoping to use dark feelings to elevate
trying to glance on to the future
trying to augment what of me I know

leaving words behind can be quite healing
leaving words behind create good feelings.    

"snow can wait I forgot my mittens"

<![CDATA[kids and fools]]>Wed, 14 Jan 2015 07:24:08 GMThttp://pyrotecmusic.com/news--releases/kids-and-fools"that shit is for kids and fools" he said speaking of romance, 
he who once sent her pictures of flowers to make her smile and dance.
his tone and chest tired, for to him loving is an art. 
 a form of creation and he is sick of being the bigger heart.

"that shit is for kids and fools" he said with a grin, 
lightning thru his chest, nothing in between
being alone has began to feel so good
in the jungle of romance he is just predator's food

he once loved with no control 
now hides his emotions, it hurst most as one gets old
he is not a trophy, nor something to show off
he is a good heart, best with the lights off

he is alive and dreaming
alone in the dark no one hears him screaming
he is happy to be alone yet misses romance
he is standing by the dance floor ready to dance.

"that shit is for kids and fools" he said
speaking of romance
he is sick of being alone
yet alone he will dance.